Meet the Team

Head of Year Mr Gray

Hello, I am Mr Gray and I am the Head of Year 7. From September, I will also oversee KS3 which means I will support students in Years 8 and 9 too. My office is upstairs in B Block (near the Finance Office). When I am not teaching, you will most likely find me there. I look forward to getting to know each of you when you join us properly in the Autumn, both as one of your new teachers and as your Head of Year.

What I love about Beaumont

Beaumont is a really fantastic place and it is hard to explain in words just what makes it such a special school to be part of. I know this not only from my experiences as a member of staff, but also from my days as a consortium student in the Sixth Form. In fact, one of Year 7 form tutors listed below used to teach me! I will leave it to you to guess who! I cannot wait for you to join us and experience for yourselves what school life is like here. It's our job to help make sure that each and every one of you will both enjoy your time with us and excel in everything you do too.

7B Miss Wills

Hello, I'm Miss Wills, English teacher and future form tutor to 7B!

What I love about English: we get to think about lots of the really interesting questions in life, and encounter different stories, cultures, times in history - other worlds, even - through reading. We get to go on theatre trips, write children's books, meet authors... the list goes on!

What I love about Beaumont: it's a really positive and friendly school, and there are so many opportunities for students that no matter what you enjoy, you'll find something to get involved with!

What I love about Year 7 at Beaumont: everything is new and exciting, and you learn so much! You might feel nervous at first, but that's very normal, and everyone settles in very quickly. There are new subjects to learn, new sports to try, new clubs to join, and new friends to make. And your form tutor is always there to help guide you through!

7L Mrs Wallace

Hello, I'm Mrs Wallace, soon to be form tutor to 7L. I am head of Drama; I have an office in B20, which is upstairs in the B block. You will also often find me in the Drama studio called C1/C2 (right next to the main hall)!

What I love about Drama: The best thing about Drama is you are up on your feet and you have fun! How good that we can explore our learning through play, through creativity, exploration of new techniques and at the same time we are building confidence and social skills. I also love working with the students to put on shows and going on theatre trips! Brilliant stuff.

What I love about Beaumont: Is the community. Beaumont is a warm, friendly school that wants the very best for its students. It accepts you for who you are and works with you to build your confidence and skills in so many different areas. It offers a really good variety of lessons/subjects and the extra-curricular opportunities are impressive.

What I love about Year 7 at Beaumont: Is how exciting this year will be for you! There is so much for you to get involved in; so many new friends to make, so many clubs to join and all those new lessons that you may not have had specialist teachers in before. You will get all the new facilities too - the gym, the sport hall, the science labs! I am really looking forward to getting to know you all, we will be a great team.

7E Mrs Baker

Hello, I'm Mrs Baker: I teach geography and, now all of my Year 11 form group have officially left, I am honoured to be Form Tutor to 7E.

What I love about teaching Geography: Geography is about what is happening in our world now and trying to understand what could happen in the future. It is important that we learn more about what is happening on Earth so that we are all better equipped to face the adventures and challenges ahead.

What I love about Beaumont: Beaumont is a place where you can be who you want to be. If you work hard, try your best and get involved, you will fit right in.

What I love about Year 7 at Beaumont: it is the start of a whole new, exciting chapter: you will meet a new group of people and have a chance to try many new things. People make a school what it is and, as part of Year 7, you will add your own dimension to Beaumont 2020/21. I look forward to meeting you all.

7A Miss Anderson

Hello, I'm Miss Anderson, soon to be form tutor to 7A. I teach geography; housed in the brand new classrooms in G block.

What I love about Geography: we get to go on so many trips! I particularly enjoy the year 7 field trip to the River Lea - it's great fun splashing in the river. The sixth form trip to Iceland is great too, especially if we get to see the Northern Lights.

What I love about Beaumont: it's such a friendly place! There's always a teacher or student willing to help out. You'll notice that everyone is so smiley and happy; making it a really nice place to be.

What I love about Year 7 at Beaumont: it's such an exciting year for you all! There are so many new things and activities for you to get involved in. You get to try out new lessons, like textiles and design technology. You'll also get a chance to use the fitness suite and join loads of clubs. It's so lovely to see new friendship groups forming over the year too. It can feel a bit daunting at the start but everyone settles in very quickly.

7R Mr Wynne

Hello, I’m Mr Wynne and I’m going to be the form tutor for 7R. I teach P.E; you can often find me in a number of different places around school such as the P.E office, the sports hall, the astro or the field.

What I love about P.E: Pupils get to learn about and participate in so many different sports and activities whilst at Beaumont both in lessons and at extra-curricular clubs. We also have great facilities for you all to enjoy, particularly the new sports hall and fitness suite which are both very popular!

What I love about Beaumont: Beaumont is such a friendly and supportive place to be, both the students and the staff are always willing to help with anything you might need! There is a real sense of togetherness amongst everyone at the school.

What I love about year 7 at Beaumont: The amount of new experiences pupils can have at Beaumont is brilliant. There are lessons like music where you may be able to play an instrument that you may not have before and of course P.E and extra-curricular clubs where you can get involved with something like Gaelic Football for example which is often new to a lot of pupils. I also love that a lot of you are coming from different schools and you will able to make new friends so you can all help each other settle in life at secondary school really quickly!

7N Miss Fraser

Hi everyone, Welcome to Beaumont! My name is Miss Fraser and I will be 7N’s form tutor.

What I love about PE: My favourite sports are Netball and Rugby. At Beaumont you get to participate in lots of different sports, where you are able to try new things and to be able to use the Fitness suite. There are so many sports clubs for you to join and to represent the school at district, county and national competitions.

What I love about Beaumont: Beaumont is such a welcoming and lovely environment to be in. Everyone is very friendly and there is always someone to help and support you, whether that is staff or other students.

What I love about Year 7 at Beaumont: It is your new education adventure! You can meet lots of new people, make lots of friends, participate in new lessons and sign up to as many clubs that are on offer to you.

There is so much for you to get involved in at Beaumont and I am looking forward to getting to know you all and finding out your hobbies and interests. See you in September!

7S Mr Lavin

Hello, I'm Mr Lavin, soon to be form tutor to 7S. I teach Science, mainly Biology; recently we moved into a brand new science block. I can usually be found in G4 or the science office.

What I love about Science/Biology: I've always been a lot of a geek and I love trying to understand how things work. That, and bunsen burners.

What I love about Beaumont: It's hard to put into words but I've been here a really long time so there's got to be something about the place! Caring and inclusive spring to mind, there's a place for everybody as long as you're willing to do your best.

What I love about Year 7 at Beaumont: It's a new start! An opportunity to meet new people, form lifelong friendships, try new things and have new experiences. It always makes me smile when you see new students (with new bags larger than they are) being pointed in the right direction by students from older year groups and joining the Beaumont community.