Online Transition Activities

Preparing to join Beaumont

We have devised a series of online activities for you to complete to help you get ready for the start of Year 7. Most of the activities are optional but there is one we would like you to complete before the start of the Summer holidays. Please get involved!

If you have any questions about any of the activities, please get in touch via email ( or complete the Q&A online form.

Core Task: 'This is me'

Due: Friday 17th July 2020

Please complete the 'This is me' worksheet by choosing one of the download options below. You can either complete it electronically or print it out and then scan it in/take a photograph.

Optional Tasks and Activites

To be completed over the remainder of the Summer Term and the holidays

Write a letter to your form tutor

Your form tutor would love to hear from you in more detail before you start in Year 7

You could include:

  1. What you have been doing since being back at your primary school (if you have been in).

  2. What you did during lock-down to stay healthy, entertained, connected and busy.

  3. What you are most looking forward to about starting at your new school

  4. What you are worried about starting at a new school

  5. What you have done over the summer holidays (or plan to do)

  6. What your main interests and hobbies are

This letter is a good chance to help your tutor get to know you as an individual.

Coming soon

Project Seven

Seven challenges to get you ready for Year 7. Can you complete them all?

Subject Enrichment Activities

Want a taste of what learning is like at secondary school? Have a go at these activities.